How to be Creative in Sharing the Gospel

Warren and Virginia have found some fun and rewarding ways to introduce people to the Lord. One of the most successful approaches has been what they call their “waitress ministry.” God has used them to build relationships with waiters and waitresses in restaurants and cafes for almost half a century… with wonderful results!


They begin the relationship by chatting with their waitress/waiter, getting to know their names… and over time they become friends.

Here’s one story from a friend of the Olsons named Barbara…

Twenty-six years ago I was a student teacher by day and waitress by night. I had the pleasure of waiting on a particular family—the Olsons. They would ask for a few of us by name. Little did I know this was all part of God’s plan and the Olsons’ way of ministering to others.

The Olsons invited me to their church. I loved it! Virginia would invite a few of us waitresses to the holiday luncheons and to special events with speakers. Their church became my church.

Mr. Olson (I still can’t call him Warren!) gave me my first study Bible. Teaching and marriage followed—yes, Virginia had a bridal shower for me! We became church family… and we’re still part of each other’s lives.

I served the Olsons their dinners, but the Olsons served me the Lord… by getting me back to church, being a part of my family, and setting an example of how God wants us to live our lives.

You may not feel comfortable knocking on doors, handing out Bibles, or even quoting God’s Word, but as Barbara once said, “Thank goodness, everyone likes to eat!”

The opportunities to share Jesus with others are really endless, so be open to letting God use you to make an eternal impact on a “Barbara” in your life today!