Do you worship a counterfeit god?

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

During the Middle Ages, there was a popular story which circulated about Martin of Tours, the saint for whom Martin Luther was named. It was said that Satan once appeared to St. Martin in the form of Jesus Christ himself. St. Martin was ready to fall to his feet and worship this resplendent being of glory and light. Then, suddenly, he looked up into the palms of his hands and asked, “Where are the nail prints?” Just then, the apparition vanished.

In our world today, there are many counterfeit gods. No, they might not appear to you in the form of Jesus Christ, but they are often not necessarily bad. Your health, for example, can become an idol if you value it more than God. Your youth, your money, and your time are the same. None of these is inherently bad—they just make lousy gods!

Jesus is the only one who can really save. Your health didn’t die for you. Neither did your youth, your money, or your time. Jesus alone will never fail you; everything else will.

Don’t let counterfeit gods replace the one true God in your life. Worship Him first. There will be time to focus on everything else, but never do anything without maintaining focus on Jesus Christ, your Savior!

Prayer Challenge

Pray and ask God to reveal to you any counterfeit gods you have set up in your life.

Questions for Thought

What are some things in your life upon which you might be tempted to focus more than Jesus Christ?

What practical steps can you take to ensure you’re fully focused on Jesus Christ and not on idols of the world?