The key to making a real difference for Christ

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might….

Ecclesiastes 9:10

The world-famous tenor Luciano Pavarotti learned early what commitment was all about. He relates, “When I was a boy, my father introduced me to the wonders of song. He urged me to work very hard to develop my voice. A professional tenor in my hometown took me as a pupil. I also enrolled in a teachers college. On graduating, I asked my father, ‘Shall I be a teacher or a singer?’

“‘Luciano,’ my father replied, ‘if you try to sit on two chairs, you will fall between them. For life, you must choose one chair.’

“I chose singing. It took seven years before I made my first professional appearance. It took another seven to reach the Metropolitan Opera. And now I think whether it’s laying bricks, writing a book—whatever we choose—we should give ourselves to it. Choose one chair.”

Many Christians today could learn a lesson from the life of Pavarotti. Amidst all the pressure to volunteer here and give there, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with so many options for service. But if you try instead to sit in one chair—commit to one thing wholeheartedly—you’ll have a much greater impact for the Kingdom of God!

Prayer Challenge

Pray that God would lay on your heart one way He wants to make a big impact through you.

Questions for Thought

Why do you think it’s more important to make a big impact in one area than a small impact in many areas?

What’s the one way you think you can make the greatest impact for God’s Kingdom?