Standing firm when you’re tempted to compromise

“If you love me, keep my commands.”

John 14:15

Sister Carol Anne O’Marie is a nun in Oakland, California, who writes mystery novels about an elderly nun who becomes a detective. Awhile back, Sister O’Marie was approached by a Hollywood television company who wanted to turn her novels into a television series. This was a very big production company and the offer would’ve made her very rich.

One of the producers told her, however, that it would help dramatically if the central character were younger, had a drinking problem, and perhaps even had an illicit love affair before she donned the habit. When the author declined to contemplate such changes because it would take the story in a way it was never intended to go, the television producer tried the ultimate argument:

“Sister, you’re turning down a lot of money!”

“What would I do with it,” replied the nun, who had taken a vow of poverty, “move to a nicer convent?!”

In our world today where everybody has a price and many people compromise what’s right for what’s beneficial, what is needed more than anything are people who will stand on principle. Yes, it’s often convenient to give a little here or there, but faithful obedience speaks much louder than the convenience of compromise.

Stand firm in what you know is right, no matter the cost. Stay true to who you are and who God made you. You may miss out on temporal rewards, but you’ll gain so much more in your heavenly treasure!

Prayer Challenge

Pray and ask God to show you areas where you need to stay firm when it may be convenient to compromise.