We Want to Help You Discover True Financial Freedom!

In our consumer-driven world, so many believers store their “treasure” here on earth (Luke 12:34) with little left to invest in the advancement of God’s Kingdom. For others with limited funds, experiencing peace and financial security seems impossible since there’s barely enough money every month to pay all the bills.

Author Rick Dunham has known both times of abundance and want. And in each, he says, God was teaching him that true financial freedom can only come by wholeheartedly trusting in Him and investing in His work.

In Secure: Discovering True Financial Freedom, Rick shares how money promises a security it can never deliver and that only when you look to God and fully trust Him to care for you, you will know what it means to be secure. But, he says, “The only way to get there is to trust Him fully by making His Kingdom your financial priority.”

To help you do that, we’d like to send you a copy of Secure… in thanks for your donation today to Senior Living Ministries to help seniors find their ultimate security in Christ. So please request your copy by calling (949) 215-1365 when you give your donation. It is our prayer that you trust God to provide for you and help you give back to Him.

Rick Dunham is a 35-year veteran in direct response marketing and fundraising, organizational management, and media ministry development for nonprofit organizations. In 2002, he founded Dunham+Company to establish a new model to serve ministries through strategic offline and online marketing and fundraising initiatives. He has been married for 40 years and has 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Please visit www.dunhamandcompany.com to learn more.