How to make your golden years the best of your life!

By: Warren Olson 

The numbers are staggering: 10,000 men and women move from the workforce into retirement every single day. That’s about seven people every minute whose lives are dramatically and permanently changed. They have new responsibilities, new relationships, and a different sense of purpose for their lives. 

Some call this stage of life the “golden years.” But for many seniors, these years are far from golden. Not long ago, we received an email from a senior named “Merle” who wrote asking for prayer…

I didn’t really want to retire, but was forced out of my job. I’m kind of floundering with no real direction. My wife still works and the days are long. On top of that, I seem to now go from one health issue to the next. Always something. Please pray that I will find peace and happiness in my “golden years.”

Merle isn’t alone in his struggles. We hear from seniors all the time who feel lonely, isolated, and without a sense of purpose in their lives since they’ve retired. But why is that? What’s the reason so many seniors who enter into this time of their lives with such eager expectation are left disappointed, depressed, and discouraged?

It’s because many have neglected to fill the gap. Here’s what I mean…

The average age for retirement today is around 62 years old. If we live into our 80s, that leaves about a 20- or 30-year gap between the day we leave the workforce and the day we meet the Lord. And sadly, the vast majority of seniors seek to fill that gap with comfort instead of Kingdom-significant things.

You see, your golden years are a gift from God. And like all gifts, they’re meant to be used, not for yourself, but for His glory. And if you’re in Christ, your pleasure will ultimately be found in bringing Him glory!

So the question every Bible-believing retiree must answer is simple: “How am I going to give my golden years to God?”

Maybe it’s starting a Bible study where you can minister to others. Perhaps you can visit shut-ins who would love nothing more than to talk with someone who cares. Or maybe God is calling you to spend some of these years as a missionary in another country. 

These years won’t be the best because they’re struggle-free. They’ll be the best because you’re serving the Lord faithfully in them. 

So don’t waste your golden years living them for yourself. Commit them to the Lord—and they’ll be the best years of your life!