Discover the power of laughter

Norman Cousins, a prominent writer of the 20th century, was diagnosed with a rare, crippling, and incurable disease. Tired of being in the hospital for so long and with little real hope for recovery, he checked himself out and went home. 

There, he began his own treatment to comfort the pain. He borrowed a movie projector and watched old Marx Brothers films and Candid Camera reruns. He soon found that after 10 minutes of good laughter, he could sleep peacefully for two hours. When the pain returned, he would simply flick the projector back on and he’d have another two hours of painless sleep.

Attitude matters. When you’re fighting tough battles in life and it’s hard to see a way forward, the attitude you have during the struggle will most certainly determine how it affects you. This isn’t just emotional. Your attitude can affect you both mentally and physically.

Whether it’s sickness, hard emotional times, or grief, find reasons to laugh. Instead of withdrawing, do something you enjoy and spend time with others who can bring you up. Be positive no matter what challenge you’re facing and you’ll be renewed both mentally and physically!

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