Help meet our $5,000 Challenge Grant in full!

Thank you for your gift below – which will make an even bigger impact in the lives of hurting seniors when paired with our $5,000 Challenge Grant!

Your gift will help show the love of Christ to hurting seniors all over the world by…

  • Sharing the Gospel with many of the 10,000 new retirees leaving the workforce every day.
  • Expanding our online presence so we can be just a click away from more seniors who are rarely able to leave home – and those who share our encouragement with others.
  • Connecting our team of prayer partners with more seniors experiencing desperately tough situations like the loss of a spouse or estrangement from their families.

Our ability to reach seniors in these ways hinges on the support of friends like you – which is why meeting this grant is so critical.

So thank you again for your gift to help meet the $5,000 Challenge Grant, and encourage more seniors to embrace the life God intends!