URGENT: Give by midnight December 31 to make your gift worth TWICE as much!

Thank you for your gift below to help meet the $7,000 Challenge Grant by midnight on December 31 – so Senior Living can finish the year strongly and step into 2017 ready to reach even more seniors!

Your gift, when paired with the grant, will help keep life-giving encouragement going out to seniors like “Bonnie” in the year ahead. 

She writes…

“You must be God sent. I desperately need prayer and your prayer request email just popped up. I was laid off my last job in April, and the bills are accumulating. I am a Christian and do believe God will provide. But, a little extra prayer never hurts. I am thanking God right now for your email.”

Your gift will help put us in great position to encourage more seniors like Bonnie in the year ahead.

And the great part is that it will be worth TWICE as much when paired with the $7,000 Challenge Grant!

So thank you for giving – and for praying for a generous response between now and midnight on Saturday. God bless you!