How to heal what hurts you

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

Perhaps you’ve heard the story about a physician in a town in Italy who was seeing patients many years ago. A man came to him and said, “Doctor, I’ve felt exhausted, irritable, and depressed for months. Can you tell me what’s wrong?” 

The doctor checked him over and said, “Well, sir, your heart looks good. Your lungs are all okay. And your blood pressure is normal. But you look as if you’re just run down, tired, and depressed.”

The old physician continued, “You need to do what I did. Go out to the circus that’s in town this week and laugh at the Great Clown Pagliacci. He’s hilarious! I went and I laughed and laughed. You’ll forget your troubles in no time.” 

The man said, “Doctor, I hate to say it, but your prescription won’t do me any good. You see, I am the Great Clown Pagliacci.”

So many people put on a happy face for others when deep down, their hearts are really hurting. The most joyful person you know may be going through a dark season in their lives, and you might never know it.

That’s why, as believers, it’s vital we live authentic lives. Share your sorrows and your struggles with others – and leave the door open for them to do the same. Don’t hide your hurts. Bear them together with others and let Christ heal you!


Prayer Challenge

Pray that God would place friends in your life with whom you can build deep, authentic friendships that go beyond the “happy” surface.


Questions for Thought

Why do you think God has designed us to process our pain with others instead of isolating ourselves?

Who are some people in your life today with whom you can build deeper, Christ-centered relationships?