When less of you is more

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

John 3:30

Gary Thomas, in his book Authentic Faith, describes a friend of his named Mike. He met Mike when he went to college. Mike was a leader among students. He had everything: a contagious personality, athletic ability, good looks, and natural appeal. And everybody wanted to be around Mike. Everybody wanted to be Mike. 

But a few years after college, Mike suffered a brain hemorrhage, and, as a result, he lost everything: his handsome appearance was gone, his voice was slurred, he couldn’t teach any more. Everything that others admired in Mike was now taken from him.

His treatment required months of grueling therapy, but eventually he was able to function again. The devastating effect on his body was paralleled by an equally powerful change in his spirit. He still attracted followers, but he was no longer focused on himself. He was focused on God.

Gary Thomas says, “In college, when I was around Mike, I wanted to be like Mike. Now, after spending time with Mike, I want to be more like Jesus.” 

Many people get discouraged by the physical changes they experience as they grow older. But instead of letting that get you down, let it motivate you to point more people to Jesus!


Prayer Challenge:

Ask God to give you a perspective on yourself that keeps Jesus front and center in your life.


Questions for Thought:

How has the process of aging impacted you spiritually? 

What are some ways God can use your struggles to draw more people to Himself?