Q&A with Warren

Q: Warren, my spouse passed away years ago and I’ve recently become estranged from my family. What does it look like for me to experience and show love in this tough season of life?

A: When we think about love, we come up short if we define it any way other than how God defines it. God-like love isn’t simply a fleeting feeling or a momentary notion. It’s a commitment with a beginning and no end. Real love never stops—and that’s exactly the love God has for you.

The world thinks it knows what love is. In fact, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, it should cause us to reflect on how to recognize the difference between the world’s “love” and the love God shows us. Christ chose to love us. That love has never stopped, and it never will. So let’s never take lightly this all-important action of love that we show to God and others. Make the commitment to love the Lord and people not just today, but from this point forward!