What’s your hope for today?

“And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”

-John 14:3

One night a young boy asked his mother a question we’ve all wondered, “Mother,” he said, “what’s it like to die?”

His mother sat quietly for a moment and then said gently, “Son, do you remember how you sometimes play so hard all day, that when night comes you’re so tired that you just fall asleep on the couch? But when you wake up in the morning you find yourself in your own bed, in your own room. You’re there because someone loved you and cared for you – your father came and with his big strong arms he carried you into your own room and put you into your own bed.”

“Well, death is like that,” she explained. “You just wake up one bright morning to find yourself in your own room – the one Jesus prepared just for you!”

Jesus knows death can be a fear that weighs on our hearts; He’s felt it Himself. But He comforts us in John 14 with the assurance that death is just the rest we take while He carries us home.

And that hope is more than a comfort for your thoughts. It gives courage for today. Knowing that Jesus holds you in His arms even in death is reason to have confidence and joy in life!

So whatever fears are weighing on you today, listen to the words of your Savior and “do not let your heart be troubled.”

Prayer Challenge:

Ask God to help you trust in His care for you, even in death. And pray that your confidence in His promise would empower you to live joyfully for Christ today.

Questions for Thought:

How can our fears of the future rob us of living for Christ today?

What are some ways you can make each day count for God’s Kingdom, knowing that He holds your life and your future safely in His hands?