Facing life’s challenges with the right perspective

The LORD is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid? — Psalm 27:1

Byron Janis was a world-class concert pianist at the peak of his career. He had spent years studying and practicing and developing his art. Then one day, he felt a stiffness that wasn’t there before. So he went to a doctor for tests and the diagnosis came back: arthritis.

Within a short time, Janis’ arthritis quickly spread to all his fingers. The joints of nine of them fused. Some people would have never recovered from such a blow, but Janis decided to fight back. He kept his ailment a secret from all but his wife and two close friends, and worked long hours to treat his condition and change his playing technique.

Through hard work and sheer determination, Janis was able to continue his career. Finally, he told the world at a White House concert in 1985. To this day, he still plays the piano. He credits faith, hope, and will for his success and says, “I have arthritis, but it doesn’t have me.”

As we get older, the challenges that come our way are inevitably going to increase. But if we’ll face those challenges head-on, trusting fully in God to work all things out for our best, we can say with Janis, “We have challenges, but they don’t have us!”

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to help you maintain a right attitude toward challenges in your life.

Questions for thought

How have you overcome challenges in the past by maintaining a right focus on God?

In what ways can you trust in God today to work everything out for your best through any hardships you face?