Get alone with God

I will study your commandments and reflect on your ways— Psalm 119:15

The famous chemist M. A. Rosanoff, a longtime associate of Thomas Edison, had worked for over a year to no avail trying to soften the wax of phonograph cylinders by altering their chemical constitution.

Rosanoff relates how he meditated night after night trying to mentally produce every theoretical and practical solution. He thought about nothing else. He was single-mindedly focused on one thing: those wax cylinders.

He shares…

“Suddenly… I saw the solution. The first thing the next morning, I was at my desk and half an hour later I had a record in the softened wax cylinder… This was the solution! I learned to think waxes… waxes… waxes, and the answer came without effort, although months of thought had gone into the mental mill.”

We live in a busy world that prioritizes action over thinking. Many people wear their busyness with pride – as if it makes them more important. But there’s much to appreciate about deep, reflective meditation. It’s responsible for some of the best ideas and insight.

Take time to rest and meditate – like Jesus did. Unplug from media and get alone for a while. Put reflective rest into the rhythm of your life. When you do, God will open your eyes in new ways to His Word, His creation, and His plan for you.

Prayer Challenge

Pray that God would help you make restful meditation a priority – and that He’d use it to give you insight into His Word, His creation, and His plan for you.

Questions for thought

Have you every practiced intentional quiet meditation on God’s Word? How did it make you feel?

How can you make time this week to get alone and quietly meditate on God’s Word?