Help more seniors embrace hope this summer!

The retirement years can be some of the hardest. As they experience change, trials, and loss, seniors can often start to feel hopeless.

But you can help them find the hope they need this summer through the Embrace Hope campaign.

When you give below, you’ll help reach the $20,000 campaign goal. And thanks to the $10,000 Challenge Grant, your gift will go TWICE as far to give more seniors hope in God’s Word.

And, as thanks for your gift, we’d love to send you a copy of our new book, 30 Days to Hopeful Living.

30 Days to Hopeful Living is filled with 30 devotionals designed to help you fix your eyes on Jesus.

So please give your best gift below – knowing it’ll be worth TWICE as much – to help more seniors find hope in God’s Word. And we’ll say thanks by sending you 30 Days to Hopeful Living.

Thank you so much for helping seniors embrace hope this summer!