Give more seniors God’s Word – and the peace that comes with it!

Many seniors are lonelier than ever these days and need the encouragement only God’s Word provides.

As our world grows more uncertain and angrier, it’s easy for anxiety to take hold. But when Jesus Christ holds our hearts and minds, we can we know true peace in every circumstance.

That’s why Senior Living Ministries exists – to equip seniors to live the full, peaceful life God intended for them.

And you’re a crucial part of making that possible. Your gift below helps…

  • Engage more people than ever on Facebook and through Daily Living Devotionals and web resources.
  • Encourage seniors on the go with the NEW Senior Living Ministries app.
  • Lift up hundreds of seniors each week through our dedicated prayer team.

Thank you for making this impact possible – and for any gift you give today to help even more seniors experience God’s peace.

We pray blessings on you as you are blessing so many others with your gift!