Hurry! Help meet the $7,500 Challenge Grant – before the new year!

We’re almost ready to ring in the new year – and there’s not much time left to help match the $7,500 Challenge Grant in full before 2018 ends.
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When combined with the grant, your gift will go twice as far to help finish the year on strong financial footing so we can launch into the new year ready to encourage even more seniors.

Your gift will help share the life-changing hope of Jesus with more seniors like David. He recently reached out to share…

“With all of my heart, I thank you. I have asked Jesus into my heart and into my life. Earlier in my life I was an addict and alcoholic… I pray that Jesus would trade my sorrow for joy.”

God can use your generosity to inspire so many more stories like David’s.

So please give now to help match the $7,500 Challenge Grant in full and make it possible for more seniors to discover the strength and hope of Jesus Christ in 2019.