Thank you for giving seniors like Patricia much-needed community!

It’s easy to worry when you feel alone.

But thanks to faithful supporters like you, Patricia knows that even when life takes a turn, she’s not alone.

She says:

“Due to my poor health, I have some dark days. But I remind myself that things could be a lot worse! Eternity is a long time and I’m so looking forward to going back home but I recognize that I have much to learn before then. I’m so grateful for our Lord and the Holy Spirit for guiding me to Senior Living Ministries. God bless all of you for continued contact with me and lots of others!”

Thanks to you, thousands of seniors like Patricia are finding hope and freedom from worry in Christ through Senior Living Ministries. Your faithfulness is a huge blessing to so many across the world!

That’s why we want to offer you a copy of our BRAND-NEW book, 30 Days to Prayerful Living, as a thank-you for any gift you feel led to give today.

It’s our hope that this new resource is a blessing to you and helps you connect more intimately with the God who loves you and wants to hear from you – even in the midst of your own worries.

With Patricia and many other seniors like her, thank you for your faithfulness!