Thank you for enabling seniors to connect with Jesus!

Many seniors are lonelier than ever these days and need the encouragement only God’s Word provides.

Thanks to generous people like you, more seniors are connecting with God through His Word and through prayer. That means more lives changed – and more people living the life He intends.

Maureen is a great example. You helped encourage her to seek Jesus in prayer every day. And now, she’s leading other seniors to follow Him too through Bible study. Seniors all over the world are doing the same – and none of it would be possible without your partnership and prayers.

On behalf of Maureen and so many others, thank you for your generosity!

And if you’re able to give a special gift today, we’ll say thanks by sending you a copy of our 30 Days to Prayerful Living devotional book.

We hope it helps you connect deeper with Jesus – just as your support does the same for so many others. Thank you!