Thank you for reminding so many others that they’re not alone!

Loneliness is one of the greatest sources of pain today, leaving people like Sharon feeling hopeless and helpless.

But God’s Word has so much to say to those who feel lonely – and so much encouragement to give for hard times.

That’s why we’d like you to download your copy of 5 Tips for Overcoming Loneliness today. It’s our thanks for your gift to help more seniors embrace the life God intends.

Here’s how to get your digital copy:

1. Give to help encourage more seniors.
2. Once you give a gift, you will be redirected to the pdf
3. Click to download the resource, and enjoy 5 Tips for Overcoming Loneliness on your phone, computer, or tablet!

Thank you for coming alongside so many seniors and reminding them they’re not alone. We appreciate you!