Your prayers and support have a powerful impact on seniors!

So many seniors need Christ’s eternal love and comfort – and you might feel powerless to help. But that’s why God gave us the gift of prayer.

It’s one of the most effective tools we can use to help people like Mamie. She recently wrote to say:

“[I] do not feel connected to anything! [I] have no desires for life activities! I go through my days doing all the right things, volunteering, trying to help others. I go to Bible study, church, and other things, but my heart is so hurt! I have asked God to heal my heart, and I sort of see change but not much!”

Please join us in prayer for Mamie and ask Christ to fill her heart with comfort. And please also pray for others like her – people who struggle with aging and who feel disconnected from society.

Your generous support makes it possible to reach out to these precious seniors and fill their hearts with the hope of the gospel.

So thank you for any gift you feel led to give today below to help more seniors embrace the life God intends for them to enjoy.

And thank you, as well, for your prayers to bring hope and healing to friends like Mamie.