You’re helping encourage and equip those who serve seniors

Seniors everywhere face unique struggles and difficulties that are very specific to their stage in life.

And those who minister to them must navigate those challenges with grace and wisdom, so it’s vital that they have good resources to guide them and that they receive regular encouragement in their work.

As this chaplain recently shared, your support helps encourage those God has called to serve seniors, so they can in turn encourage seniors to live in Christ’s love. Here’s what he had to say…

“I am a chaplain at a senior resident complex, and I use your encouraging words often to encourage the people in my care. Please pray for the people the Lord has put into my care and also for His grace and peace as I look to Him for guidance in my ministry. I have your ministry in my prayers as well.”

We’re so grateful for friends like you who give so generously to keep the resources, podcasts, emails, and other forms of outreach going at Senior Living Ministries so that together we can love seniors well and lead them to embrace life as God intends.

Thank you for your support… and for any gift you’re able to give to help reach more seniors through this life-transforming ministry.