Break Free from Discouragement!

Everyone needs encouragement – every single person. Yet the less obviously someone seems to need it, the more likely they haven’t received enough of it. And for many, this misconception leads to a perpetual cycle of discouragement and despair.

Cycle of Encouragement

That’s why in this powerful single-message CD called Cycle of Encouragement, Pastor David McGee shows you exactly how the apostle Paul dealt with this very issue, and how you can too! As you listen, you’ll discover that you can be a great encourager by using your words and actions to help bring life and hope to those around you.

To enjoy your copy of Cycle of Encouragement on CD, simply call (949)215-1365 and request it when you give a gift of any amount to Senior Living Ministries today. It’s yours with our thanks and may God bless you for your support!

David McGee

Pastor David McGee was born in Greensboro, North Carolina as a deaf-mute. He overcame tremendous physical obstacles as a child and eventually discovered music, touring the country as a rock musician. After a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ, he devoted his life to revealing the life-changing truth of the Bible. David is the Senior Pastor of The Bridge Fellowship near Winston-Salem and can be heard daily on his radio program Crossing the Bridge. Visit for listings!