How to solve the problem of sin

As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us. 

Psalm 103:12

An elderly woman was shopping one day for a new hearing aid. “How much are your hearing aids?” she asked the salesman. “Anywhere from a dollar to $25,000,” the salesman said.

“What’s the $25,000 one like?”

“Well, the battery will last you 20 years and it translates three languages!”

“And what about the one for a dollar?”

“It’s a button attached to a string,” said the salesman. “We’ve found if you put the button in your ear and the string in your pocket, you’ll be surprised how loudly people will talk!”

It’s interesting to see how many religions of the world deal with the problem of sin. Most of them would say you have to work your way to heaven. And like that button on a string, they simply cover up the problem instead of fixing it.

Christianity, however, deals directly with sin. By faith in Christ’s death on the cross, your sin is completely eradicated and you never have to face condemnation for it!

Unlike any other world religion, Christianity has the solution to the problem of sin. And by faith in Christ, your sins are completely forgiven and you can experience freedom in this life now. So thank God today He’s given you the real solution to the problem of sin!

Prayer Challenge

Thank God that, through your faith in Christ, He’s solved the problem of your sin once and for all!

Questions for Thought

How is getting rid of the problem of sin much more effective than covering it up?

Who are some people in your life today with whom you can share this wonderful news?