How far would you go to share Christ?

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.”

Luke 9:24

Some time ago, a ship off the New England coast capsized in a terrible storm and was going down. The Coast Guard received a distress call, and a young member told his captain, “Sir, we can’t go out in these conditions. We’ll never come back.”

The grizzled old captain took a look at the young man and said, “Son, we have to go out. We don’t have to come back.”

In the armed forces, soldiers are taught to put their duties even before their own lives. And if that’s the kind of commitment that’s expected for the furthering of a nation, then it’s much more expected from followers of Christ for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

The early Christians saw themselves as disposable for the sake of the salvation of others. That’s because to them, the need was real and urgent for the message of Christ to be expanded so that all would hear.

Let’s make that need urgent again. Let’s spend ourselves daily in sharing the gospel with others. And if it comes down to it, may we see our very lives as disposable for the sake of the Kingdom and our King!

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to give you a commitment to sharing Christ with others so that even if your own life is demanded for it, you’d give it!

Questions for Thought

If the gospel is as important as the Bible says it is, should we ever hesitate to give our lives for the sake of the salvation of others? How does that make you feel?

How can you embolden your commitment to expanding God’s Kingdom among the lost today?