How to know you’re a child of God

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God…

John 1:12

One day a pastor had a new believer show up at his home in deep distress. The new believer said, “Pastor, no matter how much I pray or how hard I try, I simply can’t seem to stay faithful. I think I might have lost my salvation.”

The pastor called his dog into the room and said, “Here’s my dog. He is house-trained, never makes a mess, and is perfectly obedient. He’s a pure delight to me. I also have a baby son. He makes a mess, throws his food, and fouls his clothes every day.

“Which one of these two will inherit everything I have? My son… not my dog. In the same way, we are heirs of Christ not because of our behavior, but simply because of who we are.”

In Christ, our identity, not our performance, makes us sons and daughters of God. That identity, as a child of the Most High, is one that once it’s bestowed, can never be revoked. This means that because of who Christ makes us when we place our faith in Him, we can’t lose our place in heaven!

Don’t let bad performance discourage you and cause you to question your identity in Christ. Remember the One who purchased your life on the cross. Remember your faith in Him. And let that remembrance reaffirm your position as God’s child!

Prayer Challenge

Pray now and ask God to reaffirm your identity as His child because you’ve placed your faith in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.

Questions for Thought

When we question our salvation based on our performance, who are we assuming is responsible for saving us… ourselves or God?

When the Bible calls you a child of God through faith in Christ, what do you think that means?