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Thank you for your gift below to help meet our $7,000 Challenge Grant and encourage more seniors to embrace the life God intends in the year ahead!

Your gift will help ensure Senior Living can step into 2017 ready to seize every ministry opportunity that comes our way – and reach more people like Nancy.

She writes…

“I’ve been getting your email devotionals for awhile, and they’ve been so amazing. They really help me think about other seniors and what they face each and every day. Thanks so much for your great website as well. I’ll be back to visit it!”

Notes like this one from Nancy show just how important meeting this Challenge Grant is – which is why we’re praying you’ll give generously by December 31 so we can close the books in a firm position financially.

Thank you for your support today. Merry Christmas – and may God bless you abundantly in the new year!