Help give hope to more seniors in their ‘golden years’!

Many retiring seniors are so excited to enter their “golden years.” But for many of them, these years end up being far from golden. Take this letter we received from “Merle.” He writes…

“I didn’t really want to retire, but was forced out of my job. I’m kind of floundering with no real direction. My wife still works and the days are long. On top of that, I seem to now go from one health issue to the next. Always something. Please pray that I will find peace and happiness in my ‘golden years.'”

Merle isn’t alone in his struggles. We hear from seniors all the time who feel lonely, isolated, and without a sense of purpose in their lives since they’ve retired.

That’s why we’d be so grateful for your most generous gift below to help give more retiring seniors like Merle hope, purpose, and significance in their golden years!

Thank you for your generous support to help more seniors like him embrace the life God intends!