He always comes through

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

– Philippians 4:19

A shipwrecked crew had been drifting for days in a small boat off the coast of Brazil. After their water ran out, they began to suffer the horrors of thirst – but certainly didn’t drink the seawater because the salt could kill them.

Suddenly, they saw a ship coming toward them. As the large vessel grew closer, the shipwrecked men called out, “Water! Water!” Then one of the sailors on the ship called out, “Dip your bucket over the side and drink!”

The men thought they were being mocked. But they did as the sailor told them, and the water was fresh. They had drifted into the flow of the mighty Amazon River, which brought fresh water far out to sea.

In the dry, thirsty places of life, God often brings us refreshment in unexpected ways. If we’re depressed, He sends friends to cheer us up. If we’re sick, He restores our spirits. And if we’re hurting, He gives us the joy of his presence.

 So, if you’re in a dry place, expect God to do the unexpected. He always comes through when you need Him.

 Prayer Challenge:

Ask God to remind you daily of His promises to provide for your needs.

Questions for Thought:

What’s one way you’ve seen God unexpectedly bring you through hard times in the past?

How might your outlook on tough times be different if you fully trusted in Him to get you through them?