Q&A with Warren

Q: Warren, I have a hard time recognizing the blessings God has given me. How can I become more thankful? 

 A: A lot of people think of blessings as something opulent that they can physically see—like a nice house or lots of money. And while God’s blessings sometimes take those forms, they’re more often seen in the simplicity of our everyday lives. For example, the fact that you have breath in your lungs is a blessing from God. Your clothes, the roof over your head, and your freedom to worship are all likewise testimonies to God’s grace in your life—blessings for which you can be thankful.

So don’t let your seeming “lack” of blessings keep you from being grateful. Look for the many ways God blesses you in your everyday life—and let those small graces fuel your gratitude! 

 Q: I know the Bible says to give thanks in all circumstances, but I’m going through a terrible time and don’t see a way out. How can I be grateful?

 A: If you saw a way out of every tough situation, you’d never have to rely on God. Situations that seem hopeless are His ways of building up your faith and helping you trust more deeply in Him. That’s because gratitude sometimes comes not from what we see, but from what we trust God will do. Even if He doesn’t take away your struggles this side of eternity, you can still be thankful that you have the promise of heaven.

Christian gratitude is far different from that of the world. Worldly gratitude is a result of a benefit already received. But the gratitude we have is based on a rock-solid trust that what we will receive is so much greater than anything the world has to offer.