Your gift is worth TWICE as much to encourage seniors like Eileen!

Thank you for your gift below – which will be worth TWICE as much thanks to a $5,000 Challenge Grant – to encourage more seniors like Eileen.

Daily life is a real struggle for her. She’s strong, but she desperately needs prayer just to make it through. She writes…

Thank you for your willingness to pray for me. My husband has dementia from a brain injury he experienced eight years ago. I pray for mercy and grace, and strength to take care of my husband of 58 years. May the Lord be lifted up through this. I know I cannot do this without the Holy Spirit.

Eileen’s story isn’t unlike those of many seniors all over the world – who know all too well the emotional and physical struggles that come with getting older.

That’s why your gift below, worth twice as much when paired with the Challenge Grant, is so important.

Through it, you’ll be extending a lifeline of hope and support to seniors like Eileen and her husband, as you empower encouraging outreaches like…

  • Senior Living’s prayer ministry, which is a life-giving source of encouragement for struggling seniors. This year alone, we’ve received 1,350 prayer requests – and each one has been prayed over personally by our prayer team.
  • Our Daily Living Devotionals, which provide the encouragement only God’s Word can give to more than 30,000 people all over the world each day.
  • Powerful web tools such as the Resource Library and Verses of Comfort sections of our website. So far this year, over 9,000 people have visited and found a place of hope.

With more and more people entering retirement each day – and Internet-savvy Baby Boomers now stepping into their 70s – maintaining and growing this online presence is an absolute must.

So for Eileen, and millions more seniors like her all over the world, thank you for your best gift today – which will be worth TWICE as much when paired with the Challenge Grant.

We’re grateful for you!