Enjoy connecting with friends on our new Facebook page!

In today’s high-tech society, the online world can bring connection and comfort to those feeling isolated.

Social media helps you connect with family and friends all over the world. And Facebook provides the perfect “meeting ground” for people with common interests to find each other and build a virtual community.

That’s why, thanks to your support, Senior Living Ministries has recently launched a new Facebook page. In just the first month, over 3,000 people joined this online community of like-minded senior Christians. And today it is over 4,000!

The Senior Living Facebook community fills a great need for seniors who feel alone and want to connect with others and cultivate meaningful relationships. It also provides daily inspiration, encouragement, and hope through Scripture and other inspirational posts.

The Senior Living Ministries Facebook page helps you enjoy fellowship with those who share your hobbies, interests, joys, and struggles. On this social networking page, you’ll find a place to discuss the daily devotion, pray for and encourage one another, and build purposeful friendships.

The goal of our online community is to create a place to easily meet with like-minded friends and build deeper relationships on a daily basis. We’re grateful for your support that’s now helping so many seniors connect with others on this special Facebook page to share their wealth of wisdom, be encouraged in their faith, find inspiration and hope… and even have a laugh or two each day.

You can visit the new Facebook page here.