What to do when you’re stuck

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.— Psalm 34:17

Dr. Tony Evans tells the story of a time he got stuck on an elevator in a high-rise building. The car was between floors when the system locked up. And the people who were in the elevator with him began to panic, banging on the door and yelling in hopes that someone would hear them.

So, Dr. Evans quietly stepped to the front of the car, opened a little door, and pulled out a telephone. He was immediately connected with someone on the outside who could help. He didn’t need to beat on the wall to get their attention. He didn’t need to speak loudly in the phone to receive their help. He could have whispered and they would have heard him.

Dr. Evans made the point that there are times we’re going to get “stuck” in places where we aren’t comfortable. Some people begin to beat against the walls, others cry out in dismay. But the person who trusts in the power of confident prayer knows there’s someone on the other end who hears their call and comes to their aid.

Maybe today, you or someone you know is stuck in a place you don’t like. Pick up the phone of prayer and call out to God. He wants to know your worries and your cares, and longs to set you free!

Prayer Challenge

Tell God exactly what’s on your heart. Are you feeling stuck in a tough situation? Pray boldly that He’d set you free in His perfect timing.

Questions for thought

Why do you think many people are so hesitant to pray about challenges they’re facing in life?

How might making prayer your first response in tough situations change your outlook on the hardships you face?