How you can help combat spiritual ignorance

“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”—Matthew 28:18-20

In 1883 in Allentown, New Jersey, a wooden Indian – the kind you’d see in front of a cigar shop – was placed on the ballot for Justice of the Peace under the fictitious name of Abner Robbins. When the ballots were counted, Abner won over the incumbent by seven votes.

Similarly in 1938, the name Boston Curtis appeared on the ballot for a Republican Precinct Committeeman position in Wilton, Washington. Boston Curtis, however, was a mule, sponsored by the town mayor to demonstrate how little people knew about the candidates. The mayor’s point was proven when the mule won!

In much the same way, many people say they know what they believe spiritually, even casting their “votes” by attending worship services. Yet, among those who attend those services, there is often a very real lack of understanding about some of the fundamental aspects of their faith.

What’s deeply needed among Christians today is a renewed commitment to becoming disciples, rather than church-goers. So get into God’s Word, explore biblical resources, and learn more about what you believe. When you immerse yourself in God’s teachings, you’ll help combat spiritual ignorance!

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to help you be a disciple of Jesus Christ and have the discipline to understand the fundamental aspects of your faith.

Questions for thought

Think of one person whom you regard as well-versed in biblical knowledge. What did he or she do to reach that level?

Who are some people to whom you can reach out and ask for help in better understanding what you believe?