How to grow through adversity

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. — Romans 8:28

The Lodgepole Pine trees covering large parts of Yellowstone National Park offer a powerful lesson in adversity.

The cones of the pine hang on the tree for years without falling to the ground and releasing their seed. In fact, even when the cone does fall, it often remains tightly closed.

So how have these reluctant trees grown to blanket the park with forests?

They’ve grown through adversity. When a forest fire rages, destroying all the trees in its path, the intense heat actually causes the Lodgepole Pine cones to burst open and finally release their seed. So out of devastation, these unique pines are often the first trees to produce new growth.

God never promises that we’ll escape adversity in life. But He does promise that He will hold you in the midst of every storm – and that through your struggle He will bring about something beautiful for His glory and your greatest good.

So whether you’re facing the dark clouds of tragedy or the struggles of everyday life, trust today that God loves you, He’s with you, and He can cultivate new life through your adversity.

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to help you trust in His plan for your life. Pray that you will stand strong through adversity, with your eyes on Christ.

Questions for thought

Can you think of some lessons God’s taught you in the past through adversity?

What are some struggles you’re facing today that you can entrust to God?