Be wise in the eyes of the Lord!

Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. – Proverbs 3:7

A successful businessman bought a yacht so he and his wife could retire in luxury. His wife, however, was nervous considering her husband had absolutely zero experience sailing. But after years of victories in boardrooms, the man was sure he could handle it. So for weeks he practiced in the harbor before setting sail to the open sea.

Finally, the time came for them to embark. As they set sail, the man tried to comfort his wife by saying, “Honey, trust me. I know where every rock, reef, and sand bar is in this entire harbor.”

At that moment a huge hidden rock beneath the surface made a large crunching sound from stem to stern. “There,” the man said sheepishly, “is one of them going by now.”

It’s not just the young who try to hide their lack of experience. Sometimes it’s those of us who know better that fall victim to pride most often. But true wisdom entails owning up to what you lack – and having the humility to chase after new knowledge even in your twilight years.

The experienced saint who shows humility as they seek to grow in wisdom bears testimony to the depths of God’s love and majesty. A hundred lifetimes couldn’t exhaust all there is to be learned and experienced in your relationship with Him – and that’s an exciting thought!

Prayer Challenge

Ask God to grant you humility and a deep desire to grow in wisdom even as you grow in age.

Questions for thought

Can you think of a time you wish you’d been humble about what you did know and honest about what you didn’t?

How do you think it would impact the younger generation to see older believers continually seek wisdom from the Lord?