The profound impact of human connection

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. – Romans 12:10

There was a woman who always went to a certain post office in her town because the postal employees there were just so friendly. One year just before Christmas, she walked in to buy a book of stamps, and the lines were particularly long.

Another customer waiting next to her in line pointed out that there was no need to wait because the post office had installed a stamp machine in the lobby. “I know,” said the woman, “but that machine won’t ask me about my arthritis.”

So often today in our world of mass communication and high-efficiency processes, it’s easy to miss the human connection that’s so badly needed in our lives. And sadly, this has even become the case in many of our churches, where people get in and get out as quickly as they can in order to jump back into their busy schedules.

But what a remarkable change we would see in our world today if we slowed down to talk to others. Instead of rushing out of the store, what if you asked the clerk how her day was going? Instead of hurrying to meet a deadline for work, what if you stopped to wish the secretary a good morning?

A simple human connection can do amazing things in your life and in the lives of others. So as you go throughout your day, don’t let busyness get in the way of the important task of connecting with others!

Prayer Challenge

Pray that God would remind you to slow down a bit each day and spend quality time connecting with others.

Questions for Thought

Think of a season in your life when you were isolated from others. How did it make you feel?

What are some ways you can intentionally and meaningfully connect with others today?