Why God often lightens your load

The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need. —Psalm 23:1

On July 14, 1771, Samuel Hearne led a party from the Hudson’s Bay Company toward the Coppermine River in the Northwestern Territories of Canada. A few days after they started the expedition, they were raided by a group of Inuits who stole most of their supplies.

After the next day’s journey, Hearne made a journal entry where he commented on this apparent misfortune. He wrote, “The weight of our baggage being so much lightened, our next day’s journey was more swift and pleasant.”

Hearne discovered something about people who are moving forward: a lighter load makes all the difference. Sure, if the party had been holed up in a cabin somewhere, then the weight of their provisions wouldn’t have been an issue. But because he was on the move, such things did little more than weigh him down.

Very often in life, we’re going to lose some of our worldly resources. Money is going to run out; automobiles will break down; and homes will need to be downsized. But how we respond to these losses depends a great deal on whether we’re on the move or holed up in one place.

Don’t let losing material possessions get you down. Instead, see it as the Lord lightening your load so that you can continue moving forward boldly with Him!

Prayer Challenge

Pray now and ask God to help you continue moving forward with Him even if it means lightening your load in life!

Questions for thought

In your life, how has losing some of your material possessions in the past helped give you a better perspective on yourself and God?

What are some material things in your life today that could be getting in the way of you moving forward with God?